founder, Robotic Parking Systems, Inc.

Gerhard Haag and Robotic Parking

In 1994 Gerhard Haag founded Robotic Parking Inc in the US. The basic idea of a new concept in warehousing was formed together with another German fellow engineer Heiner Schween. In the following years Mr. Monteverdi continued to develop this basic idea into a functioning revolutionary automatic parking system which is called today “Lift and Run System” in the industry.

By 1997 a prototype was erected in the Midwest which was tested for 2 years and the respective intelligent software developed. By the end of this phase the system components were perfected and could be demonstrated and sold.

The first fully automatic parking system in the United States was awarded to Robotic Parking in 1999. The garage was taken into operation by September of 2002 and has served the resident patrons since.

Since that time the concept of Robotic Parking has spread around the world, with Gerhard Haag spearheading new inroads for this revolutionary industry.

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