founder, Robotic Parking Systems, Inc.

It has been mentioned, primarily in blogs and often by anonymous authors, that I am a member of the Church of Scientology. This has at times been represented as being somehow relevant to my role as founder and President of Robotic Parking Systems.

I first came into contact with the Church of Scientology in 1989, while living in Germany.

I have in the years since done a number of courses in Scientology, as well as receiving spiritual counseling, or auditing, from the Church of Scientology.

The gains I have received from these activities have been too many to detail in a short blog post. I would summarize by saying it has made me greatly more aware of myself, as well as the needs of my loved ones, those with whom I share a work environment, and my fellow man.

I am also keenly aware that there are people who do not appreciate the Church of Scientology, or who more accurately would like to destroy the organization. Living in Germany I saw much of this first hand. Even today there are areas of Munich, my home town, where if one wishes to buy a house, they need to sign a document stating that they are not a Scientologist.

There is more in the realm of hatred and prejudice in my home country. Since 1996, the US State Department has repeatedly reported on the human rights abuses in Germany against members of the Church of Scientology, including barring Scientologists from membership in political parties, the use of “sect filters” to “expose ” Scientologists and bar them from employment, and others.

It saddens me to say that my country has not learned enough from its own history.

The activities of anti-Scientologists in Germany have extended to inventing trumped up charges against Scientologists based on no evidence whatsoever, and the appearance of German citizens who spend an inordinate amount of time on the Internet “looking for dirt” and attempting to publicly discredit prominent Scientologists.

I have personally experienced both of these. In the case of false “criminal charges” I was cleared of every single charge. There never was a shred of evidence. I believe it could more accurately be called an attempt at harassment.

In the case of my company, Robotic Parking Systems, complex issues regarding the building of a large automated parking garage in New Jersey, have been grabbed by certain individuals engaged in anti-Scientology web sites, and attempts made to present a one sided story intended to alarm readers and, as is their usual modus operandi, to discredit me because of my religious beliefs.

The facts on this issue are presented in a separate post. Contact me for the link.

In reality, my belief in L. Ron Hubbard’s philosophy and technology, and the counseling I receive in Scientology, are a personal matter, as are anyone’s set of religious beliefs. I have gathered what I feel are very workable business systems from studying the management technologies laid out by Hubbard, which include allowing all employees to share financially in my company’s successes, and full responsibility of each employee for their area of operation.

However, I have no requirement that any of my employees share my religious beliefs or that they become Scientologists. I respect that my business associates have their own religious beliefs, and a right to see themselves, and their religion, through their own eyes — just as I ask that they afford me the same right.

We do not all view life the same way. Put any ten men and women in the same room and you will find ten different views of life and religion. What holds us together, and allows us to work smoothly, is when we respect the rights of others, honor our agreements, and hold ourselves to high ethical standards.