founder, Robotic Parking Systems, Inc.

Architectural and Engineering Pioneer

An architect and engineer by education, Gerhard Haag was creating revolutionary developments in the steel and construction industries before taking on the parking industry.

Bringing cutting edge robotics to the field of parking structures, Haag coined the term “robotic parking” and with fellow German engineer Heiner Schween proceeded to develop the systems that would allow robots to reliably and efficiently park automobiles.

No more driving around in circles looking for a parking space or walking across interminable parking lots to your office or store. In the garages Haag envisioned, you could leave your car in a bay, let the garage’s robots park it, and have them bring it back to you in the bay when you are done.

The “Lift and Run System” he created to bring this about produced a radical transformation in the warehousing and parking industries.

Founded in 1994, Haag’s Robotic Parking System Inc. designed and built the first automatic parking system in the US, then went on to build the first such system in the Middle East, in Dubai.

He built what remains the largest automatic garage in the world today, also in Dubai. Haag was the first and remains one of the few to successfully build and operate simultaneous moving robots, staying well ahead in his field today with systems that allow a garage to move 30 to 50 cars at the same time, drastically reducing wait times.

Today Haag’s Robotic Parking System Inc. has built more automatic parking spaces than anyone else operating in America or Europe.

When is Robotic Parking not Robotic Parking?

In the 1990s automated parking was still largely just a discussion about possibilities. While there were some old “mechanical garages” in New York and New Jersey, to most people in the parking industry, a robotic garage was one where the entry and exit gates went up and down automatically. The concept of a software system running a garage was still futuristic. This was the environment in 1994, when Gerhard Haag coined the term “robotic parking”… more